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The Punjab, India based company is specialized in the production of washers amongst other fasteners. The company has technology and manpower to process the orders of customers from different regions and countries. The types of washers that local and international customers buy from us include but no limited to plain washer, round washer and wave washer. Plain, round washer is thin plate with a hole. The main purpose of this such hardware in the fastener assembly to distribute bolt/ nut load. Made of metal, washers must be selected with hole of larger diameter that the nut.

Mundhara Steelsis a specialized producer of bolts and other kinds of fastener. This type of fastener is used widely for the purpose of joining together two parts. A bolt can be selected based on the form of thread, pitch of the bolt, head shape, size, thread direction and material. A half threaded bolt comprises head, shank and threaded portion; while a full threaded bolt comprises head and threaded portion. We have in range both, full threaded and half threaded bolts. Other different kinds available to meet different application requirement are U bolts, anchor bolts, hex head bolts, eye bolts, to name a few. Just go through our list of bolts in order to find the best for your next project.

The manufacturing company brings forth a vast range of nuts, a fastening device that is used along with the bolt. It is essential to select the right nut for a bolt in order to create a safe and strong fastener assembly. The load-carrying capacity of a nut can be determined by the wall height and thickness. A nut can be identified by hexagonal block with a hole in the center and threads engraved on the internal portion. The types offered include thin, wing, hex, and more. Customers can browse through the list of nuts, select the type they need and send inquiry for that nut. Our representatives will respond to the inquiry as soon as possible.

We Deals In Doha, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi, UAE, Bahrain, Iraq, Egypt, CIS Countries, Germany, France
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