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Kwick Stage Systems are basically used as a substitute for ladders during the construction works and provide support. It eases workers to work on extreme heights and also to provide extra area for the workers. The product is available in different dimensions depending upon the requirements. The capability of enduring weight depends on the different specifications of the product. Unlike other scaffolding parts, it is very ideal for outdoor use and dies not get affected by the climatic conditions. The galvanization process used during the making makes them tough against rust and decay.
Forged Couplers are formed heated and then hammered to get the desired form and shape. These couplers are hot plated by zinc and are made up of metals that are tough and durable. The coating makes them fight rust and serve for a longer period of time. They have lock to hold tight the scaffolding rods and are provide great support to the entire scaffolding. They adjoins two rods together to give the desired and strong structure. The diameter is generally 48.3 mm until customized on special requests. Top of Forged Couplers manufactured by Mundhara Steels are very easy to remove and can be used times and again.

This is a wide range of jacks & props to choose from. These are the scaffolding accessories demanded in construction industry. From universal jack to adjustable U-head jack, one can buy from us different kinds of jacks. Whichever type you select, a jack can be easily adjusted and makes a solid foundation for scaffolding system. We can supply scaffolding jacks with both, painted and galvanized surface. Customers can also choose between solid and hollow type scaffolding jacks. Props of different sizes are produced in-house, each of which comprises welded base plate, nut, locking pin, sleeve and tube. The jacks & props are dependable, as these have high loading capacity.

To draft a tough structure of a building a reliable scaffolding is required and to pick upon the right scaffolding to support your building's structure is a tough decision. Mundhara Steels eases the solution for the former problem by bringing up the toughest and most reliable Scaffolding Systems. These products are per-galvanized or hot dipped galvanized which adds to their strength and durability. The coating of anti rusty minerals or the painted surface enables these scaffolding stand tough against corrosion. These Scaffolding Systems have high endurance to support heavy loads and weight of the buildings.
Pressed Couplers manufactured by Mundhara Steels has been recognized nationally for the great strength and endurance to bear the maximum load. It is one of the most important component of scaffolding. It is used in joining the bars and rods of the scaffolding and firm a required structure which suppose the construction of new buildings and provides support to the workers. The standard recorded dimension of the couplers is 48 mm X 48 mm (unless customized). They are zinc plated and made up of stainless steel which gives makes the product robust and resistant towards decay and rust
Mundhara Steels manufactures Ringlock Systems which used for shoring and platform purpose. These systems have a surface finishing of Paint, powder coat, Electro galvanization and Hot dip galvanization. The ring locks are generally offered in standard size but can be customized as per the requirement placed by the customer. All kinds of ring locks are available for the clients based on the nature of task needed for. They have commendable durability and are highly reliable. They are totally safe and easy for use and can be used times and gain.

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